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SIG Sauer P210

Shooting and discussing the Sig Sauer P210.
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ubbe : Beautiful gun ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sam D : Finest gun I ever shot
bmf572 : Looks a lot like a CZ!
Ryan Kelley : I want. I need. I can’t afford.
Alan Pruett : How do you think it compares to the Browning High Power?
Paula Prichard : It's all about the trigger,,especially target shooting
ernesto cuello : Found one at my local gun store, they have 11 in stock selling for $1,650 saving up and hoping there still there.
Velochlauer : Don't think I've ever seen footage like this, where you can actually see the bullet fly at the target in an arc. Wow!
Mark Arroyo : Hickok I hope you can respond.I am going to buy a pistol for self defense soon and I have decided between the Sig P210 match pistol and the Springfield 1911. The Springfield is a true 1911 with the grip safety. I am a rifle guy and not a pistol guy and I do not like what I see in a grip safety. Does this matter to you or affect how you hold the gun? On the other hand, I can get the Springfield in 9mm just like the Sig, but a full inch shorter in case I feel like I need to carry it in my truck. Does the Sig have a threaded barrel? Does this matter? What do you think? Thanks.
RICKS WORLD dereaux : The swiss stamp Sig P210.. Is the most accurate Handgun in the World. If you want hit a quarter at 100yards..

SIG Sauer P210 Super Target

This week on the Vickers Tactical Channel Larry breaks down the very impressive, German made, SIG Sauer P210 Super Target. Go check out the video and remember to subscribe below.

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Flint Richards : If I had the $ I would get one that is a beautiful pistol.
Rad Action : I'm more impressed with those shooting glasses than the P210.
ghgi11 : The Sig Sauer factory in Germany will be closed soon. Sig promises to deliver spare parts further on.
manganvbg90 : Now the only p210 version will be the US one. Rip Sig Sauer GMBH
WinterXL : just sigtrash
Sasha van Meerburg : Would love to see a review of the Phoenix Redback by Vickers Tactical.
joe green : While I'd love to own a Sig p210 target pistol, with longer barrel & adj. sights, I hate the looks of those grips. I wonder if the grips from the p210 standard, will fit on this weapon?
T L Shorty Shorty : That's a super long slide.
Keaton C. Dye : Really incredible pistol. A very nice gentlemen let me shoot his at the range last week and I was blown away by the quality of the gun. It's like a Rolex, a remarkable piece of craftsmanship and precise engineering. The P210, in all it's iterations, is the most beautiful mass-produced handgun ever made imo.
Omnihil777 : Awesome presentation, one thing maybe: Would be great too see maybe the trigger reset / break point. Especially at these high quality guns. Thank you, Larry!

SIG P210-2

This is the first in a series of SIG P210 videos we'll be putting out. Larry starts it off with the baseline version, P210-2.

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Website: http://www.vickerstactical.com/
Book: https://www.vickersguide.com/
Bob Anderson : The people with the originals claiming it's a cheap knockoff aren't really all that far off.
Visually it looks similar to the original.
But they've cheapened it incredibly.
The slide lock up missing the Locking lugs like the original and then claiming it it's the most accurate pistol in the world...
Really there should be some kind of a lawsuit for false advertising.
Just a lot of the parts cheap and it's kind of flimsy in comparison to another high-end well relatively high-end pistol like a CZ Shadow.
The slide stop a wear item is MIM and kind of small for an all steel pistol.
The firing pin safety and pin is quite smaller than most pistols its size out there.
Just a lot of smaller things but something you might want to take note of before spending 14 to $1,600 on one of these pistols is trying to get even the most basic replacement parts from Sig is like pulling teeth.
Spend 45 minutes on the phone and the sales clerk will need to check with the gunsmith in order to sell you the cheap little wire slide stop spring as a replacement.
But then I guess there's people that don't mind red labeling their pistol back and forth to have a $4 spring replaced.
It shoots okay but so do most new Glocks at a third of the price.
It reminds me of the original muscle cars in the 60s and then during the 80s they would take some Econo box and put a sticker package on it and call it like a Charger or something LOL.
Just not the same.
KRIS : Carried this gun in combat on four deployments. We shittalked it every chance we got. Too heavy. Outdated ergonomics. Low capacity. Target sights instead of something useful. Stupid mag release. But i never doubted that it would fire if I needed it to. Its just so damn accurate and reliable. And every single one of those problems can be solved with training. Except the weight issue. But that can be solved by not being a pussy.
10/10 would carry again if my life depended on it.
Fedo167 : Hallo from Denmark
Rob Fulton : One of my favorite pistol. The trigger is amazing. Especially on the P210-6.

And I’ve only 4 P210. A P210-2 army, a P210-2 civilian with 2 barrels, 9mm Para and .30 Luger, P-210-6 in 9mm and one P210-6 with bright finish in .30 Luger. Love them!
Jacob Vahr Svenningsen : I grew up on this gun in the patrol courses of SSR in Denmark, it is a beast of a handgun, and the slide will rip the skin on backside of your hand open, unless you know what your doing with the grip.

When are you doing the second vidoes on the P210 and tell us why you love it so much, do some speed drills with it and show us the long range capacity with it, please please please
renbenluc : Hi, what ammo have you used ? 115 or 124 gr ? Have a p210-6 with the 22lr conversion kit. 22lr from blazer work the best with the kit but still searching for the best 9mm for the p210-6
Survival : Danke Vielmol!
JSG ll. . . God, Guns & Liberty : What do you mean by only the "Swiss" does that mean military or any Swiss citizen ?
Big Mad : porn.
Vape : He wasn't wrong about the slide that shit moves!




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