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Philips electric shaver, 7300 series, 7340 REVIEW

Philips electric shaver, 7300 series, 7340 REVIEW
Anonny Mous : This isn't so much a review as it is you opening the box ;) I sorted clicked here wanting to know your opinion of the device after having used it.
Achraf Bekk : of course
Tech & Design : Yes for sure. I actually only shaved with the blades, once. It was actually faster but you had to be really careful.
Philips shavers are pretty good.
Achraf Bekk : iam just kidding men and thanks for your help , i have one of this machines and i think that it is great method or way for the best shaving , better than the old traditional ways ..
Tech & Design : I can't say I have tried it, so I don't know for sure . However I do think you can if you are carefull. Just in case it is recommended to trim but not shave since you need your pubic hair to protect you from bacteria and other factors.
Achraf Bekk : can this machine shave my balls
xzaxx : i use philips shaver. i have done it for a long time. one time i tried to use the same blade for over 2 years. it would rip my skin. it hurt.
xzaxx : yes. but waiting 4 years so the price of the shaver comes Down so you can buy New shaver while you are using the old one is not good for Your skin. the price of the blade is almost the same as New shaver.
Tech & Design : makes sense, however that depends how old the shaver is and how much it costs since sometimes it is cheaper just to buy a new shaver
Tech & Design : no

Електро бритва PHILIPS HQ7320 Замена лезвий с ALIEXPRESS

Ссылка на товар http://backly.ru/go/zoi

Philips HQ7320

Philips HQ7320




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